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Teeth whitening before and after results in Nashville TNTooth decay is among the most common oral problems in children and adults. At Poff Dental Associates, located in Nashville, TN, we understand your dental needs. Dental fillings are an effective method of treating decayed or chipped teeth. Here is everything you need to know:

Overview of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a combination of materials, such as resins, metals, and glass, used to restore teeth to their normal shape and function. Fillings also help prevent future decay and loss of an entire tooth. The dentist will drill out the decay and affected tooth, then replace the hole with tooth-colored fillings. They then use a light to harden specific types of composite fillings. Lastly, they polish the tooth and finish with a bur to remove sharp edges in the surrounding area.

Composite Fillings vs. Traditional Fillings

During your visit to the dentist, with decayed, sensitive, or chipped teeth, you will have the option to choose between composite fillings, traditional silver amalgam, or gold fillings. Composite tooth fillings are metal free and are made of a soft, pliable resin that is hardened to resemble the tooth’s enamel. They have a natural look because of their tooth-colored feature. The main advantages of composite fillings are that they are natural looking, metal-free, less reactive to heat and cold, and bond more easily.

On the other hand, amalgam and gold fillings are resistant to wear as they can withstand chewing forces. They are also durable, lasting up to 15 years or longer when properly maintained. However, gold fillings are expensive, and neither match the color of your natural tooth.

The process

First, the doctor assesses the state of your smile with the help of sophisticated digital technology. The most common one is the digital x-ray, which works far much better than traditional x-ray as it can detect any cavities. The dentist then uses a drill or laser to remove the decayed area, depending on the extent of the cavity. When all the decay is out, they check and prepare for filling.

Cavities that have gone closer to the root require composite resin, glass ionomer, or a special medication to protect the nerve. The only difference in the process between composite and traditional fillings is that composite fillings require a special light to harden and are applied in layers. Finally, the dentist polishes and trims the edges to create a smooth surface.

What are the benefits of getting fillings?

Tooth fillings prevent the decay from growing further, which can cause more significant problems. In addition, they improve the tooth’s structure without damaging it in the application process. With composite fillings, you get the natural look and feel of your teeth. Overall, fillings are an option to improve the function of your teeth and restore your smile.

What filling services are available at Poff Dental Associates?

We offer both traditional and newer dental filling options at Poff Dental Associates. Traditional restoratives include gold and porcelain, while newer restoratives include ceramic and resin. These latter options mimic the appearance of your teeth for a more natural smile. The bonded composite fillings give you a white color less noticeable than silver.

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